Thursday, 8 July 2010

Madonna through the years.

Throughout the years Madonna has managed to recreate her image to regain popularity and keep her audience and gain new audiences. Her image changes drastically throughout her videos.
The first video "papa don't preach" was one of the first of Madonna's songs and she was not yet big in the industry. The video had a storyline and key characters within it. She herself played the role of the "bad girl" who has fallen in love and become pregnant. For the video she hired a well known actor to further her popularity and interest in the video. She is wearing fashionable clothes for that era, including a lot of black to keep with the bad girl image. During cutoff's she would dance - this part of her image she has kept to this day.
The second video above "frozen" was out when she was more popular with the public. It slightly contrasts with the first video due to the fact that she looked far more mature. She also looked to be far more feminine, but kept the black clothing as this still shows that she hasn't completely changes her image at this stage. Throughout the video she did do some dancing, however it looked to be more spiritual than punky.
The last video '4 minutes' displays Madonna as being a young, physically able, attractive women wearing next to nothing. Although in fact Madonna is a 53 year old woman, dancing next to a 20 year old man, Justin Timberlake. She demonstrates her physically able physique by displaying her muscles, and dancing in unison with Justin Timberlake. She has done this purposefully to display to the world that she still believes that she is capable of performing as she did in her earlier videos. She still even in this video many years from the first of her work, performs wearing black, to maintain one of her earlier traits, though displays an alarming amount of flesh in the process.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Practice magazine ad.

This is our first attempt at a magazine advertisement.
We feel that the image and the font suggest that the music type would be "chill out" music. This is because the cover is black and white and clean looking.
The image of the man lying down literally suggests the idea of chill out music.

magazine ad conventions

Production labels
The focus is going to be more on the image and title than anything else

This is an example of a advertisement for a band, it employs the usual conventions expected from a music video magazine advertisement:
-Large title
-Focuses on image which takes up the whole ad
-Includes dates of release
-includes websites
-Includes a myspace link and a link to the bands website.

digipak conventions

Typically have three panels with the disk in the center panel.
The panel with the disk is usually made of plastic, the other two cardboard.
It would have special features (deleted scenes, making of, directors commentary, interview with artists)
Images of what they would expect to see within it
Title of dvd
Rating (age and also a review)
production logos, record label and companies etc
names of artists and directors/ producers
images to make it visually appealing

Monday, 5 July 2010

Feedback on your one minute video.

It was a very good music video because of the cutting and the lip syncing went really well. The location was good and fitted well with the song and lyrics. The costumes used in this video correspond to the genre of the music.

very nice.

group 42 feedback

Camerawork - mostly mid shots of artists, with a few close ups. Long shot of all three artists.

Editing - green screen was very effective - different locations for each artist.

Sound - lip syncing was somewhat unsuccessful for particular artists at times however was reasonably good considering the fast movement of the track.

Mise en scene- Used big chains fitting with the hip-hop genre of the track. Sunglasses and hats were also fitting.

Other gestures and hand movements worked. Pointing to sunglasses when they were mentioned in the song and making a heart with their hands worked well at referring to the lyrics.
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